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Crossing the Atlantic Ocean and reaching the Caribbean by sea is for us the first step in our project, a way of proving that it is possible to travel differently!

Hitch-hiking by boat stop lets you learn to sail and have a stronger human experience. We are involved in a family’s daily life, aboard their catamaran in order to take part in watches and general life on the boat.

It’s also a more ecological way of travelling that brings you in constant contact with nature. Despite the apparent desertion, we regularly come across birds coming to rest on the boat, while dolphins (and even a Minke whale!) come and play in the waters below. A few pilot whales, sperm whales and sharks also cross our path!

The pace is slow, the sea rolls on all day long, and our minds make the link between these pieces of land we cross, which no longer represent countries, but the world as a whole…

An experience that reinforces the desire to keep travelling!

Delphine on the catamaran
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Production : december 2018

Filming Locations : Mindelo (Cape-Verde), Atlantic, Marigot Bay (Saint Lucia)

Music : Stage 1 Level 24 by Monplaisir

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