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Little Earth of Guadeloupe – Striking a balance

Nearly one million species are now threatened with extinction, often in the recklessness of the population. Can we find the balance between environmental preservation and human activities? The nature reserve of Little Earth inspires us, like a symbol of the protection of our planet. Associations, fishermen, schools bring their points of view on a common problem.


Living with Wildlife – A namibian example

In an attempt to protect species and limit the alarming loss of biodiversity, nature reserves kept completely isolated from humans are being created all around the world. For its part, Namibia wants to take on the challenge of protecting the environment not just within its wonderful national parks but at the heart of society itself.


Fair Wine – Towards more sustainable South African vineyards

South African wines are becoming increasingly well-known and exported all over the world, however the living and working conditions for employees and their families are not always ideal. Living directly inside the wine-growing estates, they form real communities that are sometimes disadvantaged and isolated from urban infrastructure, schools or even healthcare services.


First Lessons – The Mthumbane pre-primary school

Within the largely secluded and beautiful region of South Africa is the little village of Port Saint Johns. The authentic landscapes and villages of the Wild Coast’s valleys, where Nelson Mandela spent his childhood and first years of school, intrigue and attract travelers from all over the world looking to discover other cultures.


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