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PerMondo Initiative

The entirety of our website has been translated and/or proofread by PerMondo, a voluntary translation initiative whose main goal is to help non-profit organisations.

We thank them very much for their help! Their work is invaluable to us, in order to be able to offer quality English content and make our project accessible to users all over the world.

This initiative, created and managed by the translation agency MondoAgit, is part of a philanthropic approach to ‘help change and improve the world we live in’.

More information about PerMondo:

More information about MondoAgit:


Maverick Blanton:

– Page of the video report « Living with Wildlife, a Namibian Example » (proofread)

– Photo gallery « Botswana, freedom in the wild » (proofread)

– Photo gallery « South Africa, land of diversity » (proofread)

– Photo gallery « Namibia, wide open spaces » (translation)

– Photo gallery « Jordan, the mark of past civilizations » (translation, proofread by Phoebe Harris)

– Photo gallery « Sultanate of Oman, a tradition of hospitality » (translation, proofread by Phoebe Harris)

Philip Walker:

– Home page « Video reports and photos all around the world » (proofread)

– Page « About us » (proofread)

Marie-Louise Truong:

– Photo gallery « Lesotho, A kingdom in the sky » (proofread)

– Category page « Trips » and « Video Reports » (proofread)

– Video « Andenes, killer whales in the polar night » (proofread)

– Page of the video report « Fair Wine, Towards more sustainable South African vineyards » (proofread)

– Page of the video report « First Lessons, The Mthumbane pre-primary school » (proofread)

– Vidéo « Sultanate of Oman, a trip through bedouin territory » (proofread)

Doaa Abdelghany (translator) and Ikram Daassi (proofreader):

– Arabic subtitles of the video report « A Treasure – Petra, a symbol of multiculturalism in the Middle East »

Phoebe Thomas:

– Video « Blue Journey, Crossing the Atlantic by boat hitch-hiking » (translation)

– Facebook, Who are we ? « whispering.future » (translation)

Zebulon Goertzel:

– Photo gallery « Morocco, At the Gates of the Arab World » (translation, proofread by Bethany Durrant)

Lucy Miller:

– Page of the video report « Sea Turtles, their future are in your hands​ » (translation, proofread by Paul Fisher)

Louise Morgan:

– Newsletter « September 2019 » (translation, proofread by Paul Fisher)

Natalie Tacy:

– Post « Living Differently: why make this choice? » (translation, proofread by Marina Andrews Cifre)

Gillian Smylie:

– Post « Zero waste : transform your toiletry bag » (translation, proofread by Laura Christensen)

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