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Morocco, at the gates of the Arab world

Considered a tourist hotspot, Morocco immediately revealed to us a very different side. Admittedly, some areas have been affected by mass tourism, some alleyways have been transformed into gadget shops and social relations have been reduced to commercial exchanges. But, fortunately, the country would not be well summed-up by these changes!


The United Arab Emirates, skyscrapers in the desert

Often seen as a land of capitalistic excess, there’s more to the United Arab Emirates (or UAE) than meets the eye. While its giant shopping malls and skyscrapers can make you a bit dizzy, its beautiful mosques and museums make for interesting sightseeing, and the flux of expats from all over the world gives the city a cosmopolitan feel. However, you do need to leave the cities before you realize that the UAE is more than just Dubai or Abu Dhabi!


Jordan, the mark of past civilizations

Filled with ruins and archaeological sites that draw people to the country, Jordan’s rich history is without a doubt its greatest asset. These sites whisper tales of the many Biblical legends that took place on the country’s mountain tops and riverbanks and bear witness to the many people that eventually helped to create the modern state of Jordan.


Blue Journey, crossing the Atlantic by boat hitch-hiking

Crossing the Atlantic Ocean and reaching the Caribbean by sea is for us the first step in our project, a way of proving that it is possible to travel differently! Hitch-hiking by boat stop lets you learn to sail and have a stronger human experience. We are involved in a family’s daily life, aboard their catamaran in order to take part in watches and general life on the boat.


Namibia, wide open spaces

Namibia is a spectacular country for those who love nature and open spaces. From the Namib Desert to the Etosha National Park as well as the Fish River Canyon, the landscapes seem giant and pure, and the many carvings etched onto the rocks thousands of years ago across the country add a cultural element to the mix.


Lesotho, a kingdom in the sky

At a glance, the contrast between Lesotho with its South African neighbors is surprising. This continent’s region of arid climate and abundance of wildlife is replaced with archetypal scenery, summit freshness, and sparse tourist activity.


Andenes, killer whales in the polar night

It only took us a few days to fall in love with this small town located at the end of the world. Thousands of herring gather north of the Arctic Circle in the middle of winter, attracting many predators to the coast including one of the most anticipated and quintessential: the Killer Whale.

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