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Petra, a magnificent ancient city carved into rock, hides incredible historical riches.

The « Bait Al Anbat » Association, created by archaeology enthusiasts meaning House of the Nabateans in Arabic, reveals its importance to the Jordanian people.

In addition to being a major asset to the country’s economy, it represents a true symbol of multiculturalism in the Middle East.

Due to the interest in its natural resources, however, Petra is prone to exploitation. Hundreds of children drop out of school to work there, threatening their future, the community’s well-being and the city itself.

How can we can we prevent this situation and preserve the city as an exceptional social and cultural landmark?

« What the Nabatean have given to Arabs, language and humanity is a great inspiration to us to make our country and our people as internationally prevalent as they were at that time. »

Photo of Dr. Jebril Alhelalat

Dr. Jebril Alhelalat

Bait al Anbat Directory Board Member

« If we can create a perfect union between human, cultural and natural resources with tourism, we will have sustainable and responsible tourism. »

Photo of Dr. Jebril Alhelalat

Dr. Jebril Alhelalat

Bait al Anbat Directory Board Member

« If tourists are educated to neither to buy from [children] nor give them money, I think it’s one of the solutions. »

Photo of Dr. Jebril Alhelalat

Dr. Jebril Alhelalat

Bait al Anbat Directory Board Member
View of the Treasure at Petra
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Why this video report?

Going to Jordan was the opportunity for us to meet a culture that is far too often misunderstood and disapproved by the West. The ancient city of Petra is truly symbolic of a welcoming country particularly rich in history and cultural interactions.  

This is why we took direct interest in Bait Al Anbat, which emphasizes the importance of archaeological sites and their preservation while aiming to use it at as a means for the country’s development.

Concerned about the abuses caused by lack of supervision and increasing amount of tourism, the members of Bait Al Anbat educate the government, local communities, and tourists about these very prominent dangers.

Having witnessed this problem firsthand after spending several days in this magnificent desert city, we greatly appreciate their commitment to the need for balancing natural, cultural, and human resources with tourism.


Title: A Treasure

With the participation of: Jebril Alhelalat

Length: 14 min

Available subtitles : French, English and Arabic

Film Locations: The ancient city of Petra and Wadi Mussa 


Lost Spirit by Tim Garland

Blockbuster by Terry Devine-King

Burning Sands by Matt Hill, Sonia Slany, Paul Clarvis & David O’Brien

Lost Lands by Igor Dvorkin, Duncan Pittock & Ellie Kidd

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